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Miles Myerscough-Harris | WholeHog Media

I guess it's always been in my DNA to end up in the media industry.

My dad - Bob Harris of BBC Radio 2 - has been an integral part of the UK music scene for 50 years now, and growing up I just soaked in all of the incredible musical experiences that were going on around me in my everyday life whilst being around him and my mother Trudie, who also produces important music events and programming. Live sessions, gigs, impromptu garden performances - these were all a regular occurrence in my childhood, and inadvertently helped to hone my musical ear in my adolescence.

Fast forward to 2020 and I have been working officially in the business for 10 years now. Over that time, I have forged a path as a recording engineer and producer through founding 'Under The Apple Tree Sessions,' with which I have now recorded over 400 incredible artists in session.

I also operate as Creative Director for Under The Apple Tree, which encompasses everything from large-scale music events to live performance TV series, podcasts to career interviews, and it is my job to oversee all creative aspects of everything we do.

I feel artists work best in a thoroughly relaxed studio environment, where everyone is totally comfortable to be able to do what they do best. If you work with me, my aim is to make the process as stress-free and enjoyable as possible, whilst remaining completely professional and focused of course!

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